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Feeling stuck in a life that doesn’t quite fit anymore? You’re not alone. Many people reach a point where they crave a fresh start, a chance to pursue new passions and rediscover their purpose.

This is your invitation to design your Second Act.

My name is Dianna Hinshaw, and I’m a licensed therapist and life coach based in Oklahoma, passionate about helping individuals, of all ages and backgrounds, embark on exciting new chapters. Whether you’re considering a career change, rekindling old dreams, or navigating an empty nest, I can equip you with the tools and support you need to thrive.

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The benefits of virtual therapy


Schedule sessions from the comfort of your own home.


Tailor your therapy to your busy lifestyle.


Receive top-quality mental health care regardless of location.

What We Offer

I offer a personalized approach to guide your Second Act journey


Uncover your values, strengths, and passions to create a fulfilling roadmap for the future.

Goal setting and achievement

Develop clear, actionable goals to turn your dreams into reality.

Overcoming challenges

Learn strategies to manage stress, navigate change, and build resilience.

Empowerment and confidence

Gain the self-belief and courage to pursue your Second Act with passion.

Imagine the possibilities


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